With a focus on high-end residential design, Erica Winterfield creates beautiful surroundings in which lifestyle and design go hand in hand. She works closely with her clients to ensure each project is thoughtfully tailored to meet and exceed expectations - both functionally and aesthetically. Erica's goal is to create a livable, inviting and personalized home.

Erica graduated from Kwantlen Polytechnic University in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in interior design. Following graduation, she spent two years working in the film industry as a set decorator. In 2003 she joined a boutique design firm where as senior designer, she specialized in luxury, single family residences. She established a full-service design firm under her own name in 2008.

As a seasoned traveler, Erica finds inspiration abroad, continually collecting creative design ideas from around the globe. As a result, she has gained a reputation for her versatility in designing both contemporary and traditional interiors, often mixing elements of each. Erica's clean, timeless, fresh interiors are created by combining and balancing the best design elements of old and new.


E R I C A   W I N T E R F I E L D   D E S I G N